Knowing that the time of our sojourn in this world is short, we contemplate the sands of time running swiftly through the hourglass of life.

We are ever mindful of the brevity of life, the immortality of the soul and that man, by his own actions in the race of life, must either win the eternal heights of heaven or fall to the uttermost depths of hell.

True happiness, the Summum Bonum, can never be found sitting in front of a computer or television, or spending one's days as a wage slave in the salt mines of modern corporations.

For those who desire true freedom and possess the spirit to cast off their shackles to the world, life offers a kaleidoscope of wonderful new opportunities and experiences, not to be gained by mere chance alone but only by following the tried and proven path of Jesus Christ and His saints.

Make no mistake, there are no coincidences in life.  Our paths were meant to cross.  There is greatness hidden within you and you were delivered to this world with a mission.

So now choose and grasp your destiny, and may God help you to decide for the best.

Don't hesitate it's later than you think!

"This world is an arena and a running place ... And this is a time of struggle." St. Isaac the Syrian

Join us!

We invite anyone who shares our interests and ideals and who wishes to forge the spirit of friendship in a true brotherhood of Knights to join us.

If you would be a Knight of the Holy Grail and are prepared to follow the Quest courageously and without fear, remaining loyal to Jesus Christ always, send us an Email.

You can join by filling out an Online Application.  (Be sure to email us and request a confirmation that you application was received.)

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"They may be called Heroes, in as much as they have derived their purpose and their vocation, not from the regular course of things, sanctioned by the existing order; but from a concealed fount, from that inner spirit, still hidden beneath the surface, which impinges on the outer world as on a shell and bursts it to pieces."

Kngihts of the Holy Grail

"For many are called, but few are chosen" (Matthew 22:14)

"Where the search ends and the Quest begins..."

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