a knightly brotherhood of Spiritual Chivalry

A Message from the Grand Master

Dear Fellow Seeker,

Many years ago, I stood before the grave of a long-dead knight and marveled at the memorial erected by his compatriots to his memory.  It was not the first time I had made this pilgrimage nor would it be the last.  But this time would be different, for it was on this occasion that I made the acquaintance of another visitor, a man much advanced in years and in wisdom, who discerned my searching for truth and the lack of meaning in my life.

He cautiously approached me and began to share what he knew of the great man whose earthly remains lay before us.  A man whose life lay cloaked in shadow and mystery who, from humble beginnings, raised himself from poverty and separated himself from the common herd to achieve greatness, wealth and power beyond anything most of us imagine.  A path that now lay open to me should I have the courage and the passion to answer the same call.

Thus began a lifelong journey into the hidden realms of the Knights of the Holy Grail and their mystical Quest in search of ancient wisdom, esoteric mystery teachings, forgotten history, fortune, romance and adventure.

I would learn about the Hidden Church of the Holy Graal, the Kingdom of Prester John, the ancient Celtic Church and King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table, and shown the secrets of mysterious brotherhoods like the Knights Templar, the Knights of St. John, the Freemasons (for these had preserved knowledge and mysteries lost by the knightly orders) and the Knights of the Golden Circle, who reputedly hid great treasures and may have held knowledge of the treasure of the Knights Templar. 

Yet none would compare with the Knights of the Holy Grail, the most ancient of brotherhoods and one that possessed genuine initiated knowledge, unlike the symbolic orders which had largely forgotten their own secrets and lost the keys of knowledge.

I would discover strength through unity and find friends around the world in the secret brotherhood of the Knights of the Holy Grail.  The Quest for the Grail would take me to faraway places as I hunted for lost treasure and hidden knowledge.  I would stand before the "Mystery Tower" in Newport, Rhode Island and contemplate the once secret hiding place of the Holy Grail.  I would search the American Midwest for the hidden treasure of the Knights of the Golden Circle.  I would even be invited to sojourn in a 12th century castle that had once belonged to the fabled Knights Templar.

I have personally witnessed and been a part of numerous supernatural and miraculous events which, if I were to tell you, you probably wouldn't believe me.  That's something you'll have to experience for yourself.

The Brotherhood would open doors for me everywhere.  Years before the novel was even written, I found myself living a real-life "Da Vinci Code."  I would kneel in ancient churches while the world slept and join in the age-old rites and cryptic ceremonies of the Knights of the Holy Grail as I was initiated into great secrets and rose through the degrees of wisdom.

The Brotherhood taught me the knowledge and the skills that would take me from slaving away at a minimum wage job and living in a rundown apartment in a dangerous inner-city neighborhood to having my own business and owning a beautiful new home in an exclusive lakeside gated community.  It lifted me from a life of despair to one of joy, not merely of material possessions (although these were important) but a life of adventure, world travel, success and a higher purpose for living.

All that I am and all that I have, I owe to the Knights of the Holy Grail.  I have experienced things that others only dream of and enjoy a far better life because of what the Brotherhood has taught and given me.

I now offer you the same invitation an old man once extended to me.  Join me upon this grand adventure into the unknown.  We will raise our swords together and claim riches, love and power.  We will join together as brothers to pirates and corsairs and take all that the world has to offer us.  Together we will quest for mysteries kept secret since the beginning of civilization, live a new life of adventure, and reap the rewards of fortune and success.

Study the pages herein for knowledge of our Brotherhood and way of life, pray for wisdom and guidance, and seek the truth within.  If you find yourself in agreement with our aims and purposes and wish to forge lifelong friendships in a brotherhood of knights devoted to higher living and purpose, then join us.  Come with us as we go riding together in search of adventure and the quest for the Grail of life.   Together, Cavaliers, we will claim honor and glory and power!

Brother Armand
Magister Templi
Chevaliers du Saint-Graal

Holy Grail Quest

"We Few, We Happy Few,
We Band of Brothers" - Henry V

The valiant mission of the Knights is the Quest of the Holy Grail, the mystical heart of the ancient mysteries and esoteric Tradition of the West, the search for wisdom, lost treasure, fortune, romance, and adventure.

The Grail is as personal as it is universal, and is symbolic of all that is near and dear to us, the fulfillment of the desires of our heart.

The Quest opens the gates to a holy and mystical knowledge, a treasury of divine secrets, a heaven of the most sacred mysteries of God — and bids us to find it.

We invite you to write or call us.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our brotherhood and how you can join.

“Chivalry is only a name for that general spirit or state of mind which disposes men to heroic actions, and keeps them conversant with all that is beautiful and sublime in the intellectual and moral world.” — Kenelm Henry Digby, The Broad Stone of Honour

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