The Knights of the Holy Grail sit at a common table in perfect equality.  The Brotherhood presents a kinship through commensality.  We are Companions of the Grail and, as brethren to each other through Christ, we "support one another in life and remember and pray for one another in death."

We do not take the idea of brotherhood lightly.  We believe that true brotherhood may only be achieved when men are united together and dignified with the respect worthy of a nobler cause.

The Knights of the Holy Grail bind themselves by sacred oath to the ideals of brotherhood and keep it faithfully:
1.  To keep ever each others counsel.
2.  To aid each other in all things soever.
3.  To cherish and comfort each other in every adversity.
4.  To be faithful each to each unto death.
"Ye path that bind us together for life; ye oath of knightly brotherhood, and obedience to Christ."
The Knights of the Holy Grail Is A Real Brotherhood.  The Knights of the Holy Grail is not just another dull fraternity or social club; it is a true brotherhood.

The Knights of the Holy Grail is founded upon the principle of strength through unity.  It is a benevolent association that gives aid and comfort to its knights, who receive instruction, training, and help on a more personal level than is common to most groups.

The Brotherhood offers the company of like-minded friends and camaraderie that provides encouragement, support, and companionship in Christ.
"Brother helped by brother is a fortress, friends are like the strong bars of a castle" (Proverbs 18:19)
Holy Grail Knights


"A true friend, the one with whom a man may safely associate, will always stick closely to the right way, will worry secretly about his friend's welfare, will console him in misfortune, will offer him a helping hand when he needs it, will keep his secrets, and will always give him good advice."
Knights of the Grail and the Temple
The Knights of the Holy Grail pledge to uphold, help and defend each other in the struggles of life and not abandon one another in the day of trouble.

Bound together by its deep spirituality which alone can satisfy the soul, we seek the wisdom of Solomon in all things that we might enrich and elevate our minds to higher ideals and happiness, and enjoy peace, prosperity and plenty upon the earth.
"Brother helped by brother is a fortress, friends are like the strong bars of a castle" (Proverbs 18:19)


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